Concealed carry aficionados and enthusiasts know that the Utah Non-resident Concealed Carry Permit is the permit to have. Knowing that your training will exceed the Utah minimum mandated standards, your confidence and knowledge will exceed your expectations. Our instructors have former law enforcement experience and can relate real world experiences and situations to you.  With your Utah Concealed Carry Permit, you'll travel with confidence, for pleasure and/or business, now that you can continue to maintain your personal safety across town, across the state or across the country, being able to carry in more states across the country than most other concealed carry permit. Student candidates must complete the entire approved classroom course with a Utah State Certified Instructor. Delaware Firearms Training has a Utah certified instructor on staff with former law enforcement experience.
This is a 5\6 hour class (classroom lecture only, processing time for photo & fingerprinting not included in the classroom time by Utah law), and your investment is only $135.00 (not including State of Utah processing fee), which includes the following:  Complete 42-page printed book (required by Utah), notepaper, pens, highlighters,   APPLICATION, PASSPORT PHOTO and FINGERPRINT CARD COMPLETED, and we even UPS\FEDEX the completed Application package to the State of Utah the next business day.  Coffee & Donuts are served in the morning, and lunch, where applicable, is included.
The course elements, as mandated by the State of Utah, Bureau of Criminal Identification, are exceeded and cover many different aspects of firearms safety and ownership, transportation of firearms (intra & interstate), laws and legal responsibilities, and our NEWEST ADDITION-- CONCEALED CARRY CONCEPTS. If you already have your Delaware or Pennsylvania Permit, adding this Utah Permit allows you to carry your handgun concealed in over 30 states! (If you're a New Jersey or Maryland resident, you'll need to add Florida -- contact us for details.)
The processing fee to be remitted to the State of Utah is $49.00, non-refundable, and must be included with your Application.  This entitles you to legally carry for the first five years (the renewal fee is $15.00 for an additional 5 years.  This is the best renewal rate in the country). The $49.00 processing fee is broken down as follows:  $35.00 for Application and Permit processing and $14.00 charged by the FBI to process your fingerprint cards. Please make check or money order payable to the "Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification." MC or VISA, AMEX accepted by the State of Utah.

Utah Concealed Carry
The most complete course in the area.
Taught by Former Law Enforcement Officer and Civilians with real world situational experiences.  
Mark Garfinkel
or call  302-528-5940
(Revised 12-11-2012)

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