Why Invest Your Time, Effort And Money In NRA Training?

Official National Rifle Association (NRA) training is recognized as the basis for comprehensive standardized training in the safe handling of firearms. From beginner to developing competitor, the NRA Training Department develops safe, ethical, responsible shooters through a network of more than 65,000 instructors, more than 3,800 coaches, and more than 1,700 training counselors.  NRA Instructors and NRA Training Counselors are held to the highest standards by the NRA. Some of these courses took many years to develop and are continually being improved and always evolving.

Many gun shop instructors and other instructors claim to be NRA Instructors but fail to teach the official NRA certified courses.  This is unfortunate because their students are receiving inferior training and at the end of the class they only receive a certificate of completion that is not nationally recognized. 

Learning the proper handling and use of a firearm is an important responsibility.  You should demand the best training for your money; after all, your life or the lives of your loved ones one day may depend on the skills you learn. 

NRA Training Counselors and NRA Instructors offer 29 different basic and instructor certified courses that are each specifically designed to improve your skills and judgment.  You deserve and should demand nothing less than the best training available - nationally recognized NRA Certified Instructors and courses.
Don't make the mistake and take Dave's or Steve's Super Ninja Gun Course. NRA Courses will meet your standards and your expectations.

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